Jops and Erika

Jops and Erika’s laid back Casa San Pablo wedding has been a sight to behold. With a wooden outdoor feel, greens, and earth tones, this wedding surely is a celebration of everything that is lovely and homey. =)

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Preps and Reception Venue: Casa San Pablo | Ceremonies: San Roque Chapel | Bouquets and Boutonniere: Saso Greenhouse Design Studio | Event Styling: Saso Greenhouse Design Studio and Casa San Pablo | Videographer: Outbox Preview | Coordinator: Pucci Valenzuela | Entertainment: Johnoy Danao | Bridal Gown: Ivory and White | Groom’s suit: Ziggy Savella | Leather bowties: Bags by Rubbertree | HMUA: Gay Santos and Wendell Mortar | Cake Baker: Sugar Fix | Invitations:  Village Projekt |  Thank you cards, Missal: Paper and Print by Unico | Longboard guestbook: Manila Maker | Hosts: KC Hernandez-Frayco and Denise Frayco

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