Sherwin and Irene

They say, there’s always a first time. =) This was my first time to shoot at Meteora in Tagaytay. What a lovely place! Every corner is just booming with details that you don’t usually see very often.

And with a great place and light, the happiness in the couple shows. Subtle, cozy, oozing with love. Sherwin and Irene were very fun to shoot. They were like models who have been doing it for years! And most of all, you could feel the love emanate from them.

May you have a blissful marriage, Sherwin and Irene!

I hope you enjoy the photos much as I enjoyed taking them. =)


Shot for Toto Villaruel (

Sherwin Irene-62 Sherwin Irene-1 copy Sherwin Irene-8 copy Sherwin Irene-46 Sherwin Irene-56 Sherwin Irene-44 Sherwin Irene-24 Sherwin Irene-48 Sherwin Irene-71 Sherwin Irene-80 Sherwin Irene-93 Sherwin Irene-85 Sherwin Irene-87 Sherwin Irene-75 Sherwin Irene-28 copy Sherwin Irene-14 copy Sherwin Irene-2 Sherwin Irene-91 copy Sherwin Irene-92 Sherwin Irene-7 copy Sherwin Irene-95 Sherwin Irene-98 Sherwin Irene-102 Sherwin Irene-97 Sherwin Irene-105 copy Sherwin Irene-110 Sherwin Irene-113 Sherwin Irene-115 copy Sherwin Irene-118 Sherwin Irene-116 Sherwin Irene-17 copy Sherwin Irene-111 Sherwin Irene-124 Sherwin Irene-125 copy Sherwin Irene-123 Sherwin Irene-128 Sherwin Irene-131 Sherwin Irene-120 copySherwin Irene-88 Sherwin Irene-109

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