Ron and Cheska

Shot my first movie-themed engagement shoot. What a way to have it with the movie “Up” as our peg!


Ron and Cheska (aka Carl and Ellie) and the team were blessed to have good light and good weather in the slopes of Sierra Madre. =)


An engagement session shot for Nicolai Melicor.

Styling by Aira Franco.

Ron and Cheska-2 copy

Ron and Cheska-15Ron and Cheska-18Ron and Cheska-19Ron and Cheska-22Ron and Cheska-24Ron and Cheska-25Ron and Cheska-27Ron and Cheska-26Ron and Cheska-39Ron and Cheska-41Ron and Cheska-42

Ron and Cheska-45 copyRon and Cheska-50Ron and Cheska-53Ron and Cheska-55Ron and Cheska-57Ron and Cheska-59Ron and Cheska-63Ron and Cheska-65Ron and Cheska-62Ron and Cheska-66Ron and Cheska-69Ron and Cheska-71Ron and Cheska-76Ron and Cheska-78Ron and Cheska-80Ron and Cheska-84

Ron and Cheska-74 copyRon and Cheska-87Ron and Cheska-91Ron and Cheska-94Ron and Cheska-96Ron and Cheska-101Ron and Cheska-102Ron and Cheska-108Ron and Cheska-109Ron and Cheska-113

Ron and Cheska-114 copyRon and Cheska-116Ron and Cheska-121Ron and Cheska-122Ron and Cheska-128Ron and Cheska-131Ron and Cheska-133Ron and Cheska-138Ron and Cheska-143

Ron and Cheska-135 copyRon and Cheska-146Ron and Cheska-148Ron and Cheska-151Ron and Cheska-155Ron and Cheska-158Ron and Cheska-157Ron and Cheska-161Ron and Cheska-162Ron and Cheska-166Ron and Cheska-167Ron and Cheska-170Ron and Cheska-172Ron and Cheska-174Ron and Cheska-177Ron and Cheska-181Ron and Cheska-183Ron and Cheska-187Ron and Cheska-189Ron and Cheska-180Ron and Cheska-156

Ron and Cheska-127

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