RayAn and Cheenie

Ray-An and Cheenie. They’re like opposites since Cheenie’s loud (in a good way =)) and Ray-An’s a little reserved. One thing’s for sure though: both of them are shouting out their love for each other in this relaxed engagement shoot. =) Never had a hard time shooting them since both were natural in front of the camera.

The stories and experiences shared in this shoot (as well as from their wedding day) will forever be in our minds and hearts! =)


Shot for Nicolai Melicor (www.nicolaimelicor.com)

Rayan Cheenie-2 Rayan Cheenie-8 Rayan Cheenie-14 Rayan Cheenie-19 Rayan Cheenie-16 Rayan Cheenie-21 Rayan Cheenie-27 copyRayan Cheenie-22 Rayan Cheenie-32 Rayan Cheenie-3 Rayan Cheenie-36 copy Rayan Cheenie-41 Rayan Cheenie-28 Rayan Cheenie-37 copy Rayan Cheenie-50 Rayan Cheenie-43 copy Rayan Cheenie-51 Rayan Cheenie-58 Rayan Cheenie-63 Rayan Cheenie-55 Rayan Cheenie-44 Rayan Cheenie-64 Rayan Cheenie-82 Rayan Cheenie-78 Rayan Cheenie-69 Rayan Cheenie-65 Rayan Cheenie-71 Rayan Cheenie-79Rayan Cheenie-26 Rayan Cheenie-75 Rayan Cheenie-53 Rayan Cheenie-86 Rayan Cheenie-67

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