Quito and Jacy

Quito and Jacy are both architects by profession. It looks like they had their dream wedding planned out and executed as planned. =) With their family, friends, and the cold Baguio weather as witnesses to their exchange of vows, Quito and Jacy’s love may very well be swelling up to the heavens. =)


Shot for Toto Villaruel (www.totovillaruel.com)

Preps and Reception: The Manor, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Ceremonies: St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Baguio City


Quito Jacy-67 Quito Jacy-2 Quito Jacy-3 Quito Jacy-16Quito Jacy-8 Quito Jacy-9 copy Quito Jacy-17 Quito Jacy-11 copy Quito Jacy-26 copy Quito Jacy-20 Quito Jacy-21 Quito Jacy-7 Quito Jacy-15 Quito Jacy-29 Quito Jacy-28 Quito Jacy-5 Quito Jacy-6 Quito Jacy-1 Quito Jacy-34 Quito Jacy-35 Quito Jacy-36Quito Jacy-86 Quito Jacy-27Quito Jacy-1 Quito Jacy-61 Quito Jacy-38 Quito Jacy-40 Quito Jacy-37 Quito Jacy-39 Quito Jacy-42 Quito Jacy-41 Quito Jacy-46 Quito Jacy-43 Quito Jacy-44 Quito Jacy-56 Quito Jacy-48 Quito Jacy-51 Quito Jacy-49 Quito Jacy-50 Quito Jacy-45 Quito Jacy-47 Quito Jacy-52 Quito Jacy-53Quito Jacy-55 copy Quito Jacy-59Quito Jacy-57 copy Quito Jacy-60Quito Jacy-62 copyQuito Jacy-13Quito Jacy-99 Quito Jacy-66 copy Quito Jacy-71 Quito Jacy-79 copy Quito Jacy-77 copy Quito Jacy-80 Quito Jacy-84 copy Quito Jacy-76 copy Quito Jacy-74 Quito Jacy-88 Quito Jacy-89 Quito Jacy-108 Quito Jacy-107 Quito Jacy-116 copy Quito Jacy-111 Quito Jacy-112 Quito Jacy-106 Quito Jacy-118 Quito Jacy-113 Quito Jacy-109MRV_2730 copy Quito Jacy-105 Quito Jacy-91 Quito Jacy-95 Quito Jacy-92 copy Quito Jacy-84 Quito Jacy-70 Quito Jacy-101 Quito Jacy-103 Quito Jacy-100

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