Pesigan Family

Had a great time shooting this fun family! Ryan and Ruth Pesigan came home from Qatar and decided to have a family portrait session with their sons Axel, Alfonso, and Aldrich. Love and craziness are in the air!


Shot for Nicolai Melicor.

Pesigan-9 Pesigan-22 copy Pesigan-15Pesigan-27 copy Pesigan-24 Pesigan-26Pesigan-42 copy Pesigan-40 Pesigan-38 Pesigan-36 Pesigan-44Pesigan-23 copy Pesigan-48Pesigan-25 Pesigan-51 Pesigan-54 Pesigan-61Pesigan-53 Pesigan-65Pesigan-19Pesigan-86 copy Pesigan-10 Pesigan-67 copy Pesigan-57 Pesigan-73Pesigan-91 Pesigan-89 copy Pesigan-84 Pesigan-7 Pesigan-8Pesigan-2 |