Pao and Tia

Pao and Tia’s engagement session was inspired by one of Passion Pit’s music videos. Oh did it turn out great! Largely because of the love that emanates from them.

From soiree days until now, this couple keeps the love burning. It’s like they really are saying that their love won’t stop to surrender. =)


Shot for Nicolai Melicor (

Styling by Tipping Point Collective

Pao Tia-200Pao Tia-278 Pao Tia-204 Pao Tia-207 Pao Tia-217 Pao Tia-208 copy Pao Tia-223 Pao Tia-224 Pao Tia-232 Pao Tia-212 copy Pao Tia-216 Pao Tia-226 copy Pao Tia-237 Pao Tia-240Pao Tia-251Pao Tia-243 Pao Tia-253 copy Pao Tia-256 Pao Tia-260 Pao Tia-250 Pao Tia-219 copy Pao Tia-222 Pao Tia-236 Pao Tia-225 Pao Tia-244 Pao Tia-264 Pao Tia-270 Pao Tia-269 Pao Tia-272 Pao Tia-275 copy Pao Tia-280 Pao Tia-282 copy Pao Tia-284 copy Pao Tia-285 Pao Tia-287 copy Pao Tia-288 Pao Tia-271 Pao Tia-277 Pao Tia-279 Pao Tia-238 Pao Tia-228 copy Pao Tia-211 Pao Tia-276

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