Nath and Lai

I am deeply honored to do this shoot for numerous reasons:
1. That I was invited to shoot at this wedding
2. That I get to shoot with my mentors in photography
3. That this was the first wedding shoot I did outside of Manila
4. That I was part of a very colorful celebration of love

Nath Geluz and Lai Reyes are really a match made in heaven. With both of them adept at design and the arts, Nath and Lai created a wedding that is uniquely theirs!

To Nath and Lai, may you have a blissful marriage and a happy life ahead of you.

Thank you to Madz Sablada and Nikki Gonzales for pushing Nath and Lai to have me shoot at their wedding. =)


Shot for Toto Villaruel. www.totovillaruel.comDSC_0002DSC_0117 copyDSC_0024 copyDSC_0025 DSC_0079DSC_0126DSC_0122DSC_0127DSC_0193 copyDSC_0112DSC_0161 copyDSC_0184DSC_0209DSC_0262DSC_0274DSC_0314DSC_0436DSC_0431 copyDSC_0330 copyDSC_0392DSC_0363DSC_0037DSC_0046DSC_0103DSC_0098 copyDSC_0139 copyDSC_0154DSC_0214DSC_0236DSC_0221 copyDSC_0241 copyDSC_0249 copyDSC_0259 1DSC_0265DSC_0288 1DSC_0341DSC_0333 copyDSC_0329 copyDSC_0369 copyDSC_0368DSC_0431.1DSC_0462DSC_0415 copyDSC_0374.1DSC_0483DSC_0491DSC_0520 copyDSC_0500 copyDSC_0257DSC_0269

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