Miko and Jan

When we shot this prenup, little did I know that Jan was a childhood friend from Kids for Christ! It was a reunion of some sorts as Nicolai Melicor (www.nicolaimelicor.com) was friends/classmates with Jan’s friends. Miko and Nicolai’s family were friends as well. =)

Their disposition throughout the whole shoot was just amazing! Both had a lot of energy. And they were always game to whatever we asked them to do. =)

Sharing you this engagement session of this Blue Babble Batallion couple. =)

Shot for Nicolai Melicor. =)

Miko Jan-1 Miko Jan-15
Miko Jan-20 Miko Jan-2 copy Miko Jan-46 Miko Jan-54 Miko Jan-14 copy Miko Jan-59 Miko Jan-25 Miko Jan-11 Miko Jan-58Miko Jan-23 Miko Jan-53Miko Jan-67 Miko Jan-71 Miko Jan-80Miko Jan-83 Miko Jan-82 Miko Jan-93 Miko Jan-89 Miko Jan-64Miko Jan-34 Miko Jan-73 copy Miko Jan-69 Miko Jan-74Miko Jan-72 Miko Jan-47 copy 720Miko Jan-37Miko Jan-31 Miko Jan-50 Miko Jan-64 Miko Jan-88Miko Jan-38

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