Celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the 18th birthday of Michelle. It was a pleasure to cover the event since their family really love to have their portraits taken.

A celebration of life and love, I am blessed to have shot at this event. =)Michelle-1 Michelle-2 Michelle-3 Michelle-4 Michelle-5 Michelle-6 Michelle-7 Michelle-27 Michelle-26 Michelle-35 Michelle-36 Michelle-38 Michelle-39 Michelle-41 Michelle-42 Michelle-40 Michelle-9 Michelle-10 Michelle-11 Michelle-12 Michelle-13_1 Michelle-13 Michelle-15_1 Michelle-16 Michelle-17 Michelle-18 Michelle-19 Michelle-20 Michelle-21 Michelle-22 Michelle-23 Michelle-24 Michelle-25 Michelle-28 Michelle-31 Michelle-32 Michelle-33 Michelle-34 Michelle-29 Michelle-30 Michelle-43 Michelle-44 Michelle-46 Michelle-47 Michelle-48 Michelle-49 Michelle-50 Michelle-51 Michelle-52 Michelle-53 Michelle-54 Michelle-55 Michelle-57 Michelle-58 Michelle-59 Michelle-60 Michelle-61 Michelle-62 Michelle-45

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