Martin and Aiza

12 years. 12 years since they got together. Martin and Aiza has stood the test of time, and have finally decided to marry! Before I show you their beautiful wedding, let’s all take a look back at their relaxed and fun engagement session. =)

HMUA: Kris Bacani

Locations: The Mango Farm and Cafe 14Four

Martin Aiza-36Martin Aiza-1 copy Martin Aiza-20Martin Aiza-12 copyMartin Aiza-8 copy Martin Aiza-25Martin Aiza-28 copy Martin Aiza-62 Martin Aiza-50 Martin Aiza-42Martin Aiza-58 copy Martin Aiza-26Martin Aiza-44 copy Martin Aiza-98 Martin Aiza-80 Martin Aiza-78 Martin Aiza-70Martin Aiza-109 copy Martin Aiza-76Martin Aiza-124 copyMartin Aiza-119 copy Martin Aiza-83 Martin Aiza-127Martin Aiza-113 copy Martin Aiza-122Martin Aiza-71 copyMartin Aiza-88 copyMartin Aiza-95 copyMartin Aiza-101 copy Martin Aiza-186 Martin Aiza-128Martin Aiza-136 copy Martin Aiza-172 Martin Aiza-148Martin Aiza-162 copyMartin Aiza-140 copy Martin Aiza-188Martin Aiza-179 copy Martin Aiza-212Martin Aiza-202 copy Martin Aiza-213Martin Aiza-208 copy Martin Aiza-218Martin Aiza-223 copy Martin Aiza-231 Martin Aiza-225 Martin Aiza-158 Martin Aiza-149 Martin Aiza-67 Martin Aiza-37 Martin Aiza-190 Martin Aiza-205 Martin Aiza-246 Martin Aiza-40

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