JP and Maple

From art contests, summer martial arts classes, landline phone calls to finding each other again through Friendster and YM, JP and Maple go a long way. They were best of friends from 6th grade, and would endure being apart (not being classmates in High School and not being schoolmates in College) and even weathering storms: literally and figuratively.

But love conquers. It conquers distance. It conquers time not spent on one another. And when you’re lucky, love is synonymous to forever.

Sharing with you photos from this relaxed beach engagement session of JP and Maple. =)



ALN_8235 ALN_8159MDF_9169 ALN_8367 ALN_7891 MDF_9326 MDF_9099 MDF_9302 MDF_9104 MDF_8949 MDF_9003 MDF_8714 MDF_8729MDF_8820 MDF_8855 MDF_8864 MDF_8817 MDF_8980 MDF_9201 MDF_9379 MDF_9344 MDF_9239 MDF_9092 ALN_8607 ALN_8590ALN_8626 ALN_8019 ALN_7861 ALN_8120 ALN_7906 ALN_8315MDF_8932 MDF_8826 MDF_8775 MDF_9075 MDF_9170MDF_9332MDF_8868MDF_9156 MDF_9159ALN_7860 MDF_9351 MDF_9138 MDF_8973MDF_8936 ALN_8504 ALN_8386 MDF_8838MDF_8952 ALN_8398 MDF_9464MDF_8923 MDF_9298 MDF_9161 ALN_8669


Kota Keluarga, San Juan Batangas

HMUA: Chesca Alonte

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