Joma and Kaye

A lovely afternoon at Tagaytay, this wedding had lots of anecdotes and interactions that made it fun, relaxed, and full of love. =)

Shot for Toto Villaruel (

Preps: Woodlands and Pinecrest, Tagaytay Highlands

Ceremony: Madre de Dios

Reception: Midlands Veranda

Joma Kaye-137 Joma Kaye-16 Joma Kaye-6 copy Joma Kaye-15 Joma Kaye-138 Joma Kaye-4 copy Joma Kaye-17 Joma Kaye-26 copy Joma Kaye-10 copy Joma Kaye-23 Joma Kaye-30 Joma Kaye-33 Joma Kaye-34 Joma Kaye-32 Joma Kaye-37 Joma Kaye-38 Joma Kaye-39 copy Joma Kaye-28 Joma Kaye-46 Joma Kaye-135 Joma Kaye-36 Joma Kaye-40 Joma Kaye-47 Joma Kaye-102 Joma Kaye-53 Joma Kaye-62 Joma Kaye-63 MRV_6949 copy Joma Kaye-56 Joma Kaye-136 Joma Kaye-136 Joma Kaye-58 Joma Kaye-59 Joma Kaye-60 Joma Kaye-70 MRV_7027 copy Joma Kaye-141 Joma Kaye-142 Joma Kaye-74 Joma Kaye-80 Joma Kaye-81 Joma Kaye-84 Joma Kaye-85 Joma Kaye-131 Joma Kaye-87 copy Joma Kaye-143 Joma Kaye-92 Joma Kaye-99 copy Joma Kaye-103 copy Joma Kaye-96 Joma Kaye-107 Joma Kaye-94 copy Joma Kaye-113 Joma Kaye-115 copy Joma Kaye-128 Joma Kaye-98 copy Joma Kaye-114 Joma Kaye-120 Joma Kaye-109 Joma Kaye-90 copy Joma Kaye-130 Joma Kaye-117 Joma Kaye-132

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