Female Four

Female Four: These girls were college buddies and thesis-mates, and eventually, forever friends. =)

Styling by Made by Lai

F4-22 F4-15 copy F4-10 copy F4-18 F4-24 F4-28 F4-36 copy F4-46 copy F4-40 copyF4-251 copy F4-65 copy F4-48 F4-12 copy F4-54 F4-260 F4-47 copy F4-90 F4-97 copy F4-100 copy F4-106 F4-108 copy F4-99 copyF4-262 F4-109 copy F4-118 copy F4-120 F4-142 copy copyF4-210 F4-160F4-205 copyF4-261 F4-89 F4-5 copy F4-20 F4-56 copy F4-110F4-123 copy F4-126F4-209 copyF4-95F4-127 F4-112

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