Erwin and Monica

This shy couple didn’t miss a beat on their wedding day! A couple of six years, Monica and Erwin finally tied the knot!

Abundant with love and anything green, their wedding was a soothing sight to see. Not to mention that they themselves were relaxed the whole wedding day.

Enjoy this set as I did!


Erwin and Monica-375.jpgErwin and Monica-6.jpgErwin and Monica-357.jpgErwin and Monica-34.jpgErwin and Monica-66.jpgErwin and Monica-20.jpgErwin and Monica-38.jpgErwin and Monica-36.jpgErwin and Monica-59.jpgErwin and Monica-74.jpgErwin and Monica-83.jpg Erwin and Monica-10Erwin and Monica-45.jpgErwin and Monica-49.jpgErwin and Monica-62.jpgErwin and Monica-89.jpg Erwin and Monica-40Erwin and Monica-33.jpgErwin and Monica-96.jpgErwin and Monica-100.jpgErwin and Monica-112.jpgErwin and Monica-104.jpgErwin and Monica-125.jpgErwin and Monica-169.jpgErwin and Monica-166.jpgErwin and Monica-156.jpgErwin and Monica-164.jpgErwin and Monica-143.jpgErwin and Monica-167.jpgErwin and Monica-133.jpgErwin and Monica-162.jpg Erwin and Monica-1Erwin and Monica-184.jpgErwin and Monica-180.jpgErwin and Monica-13.jpgErwin and Monica-17.jpgErwin and Monica-172.jpgErwin and Monica-188.jpgErwin and Monica-190.jpgErwin and Monica-197.jpgErwin and Monica-215.jpgErwin and Monica-214.jpgErwin and Monica-218.jpgErwin and Monica-236.jpgErwin and Monica-244.jpgErwin and Monica-254.jpgErwin and Monica-286.jpgErwin and Monica-324.jpgErwin and Monica-329.jpgErwin and Monica-348.jpgErwin and Monica-341.jpgMDF_5210.jpgErwin and Monica-401.jpgErwin and Monica-404.jpgErwin and Monica-383.jpgErwin and Monica-423.jpg Erwin-and-Monica-345.jpgErwin and Monica-385.jpgErwin and Monica-389.jpgErwin and Monica-429.jpg Erwin and Monica-351Erwin and Monica-394.jpgErwin and Monica-400.jpgErwin and Monica-395.jpg Erwin-and-Monica-452.jpgErwin and Monica-336.jpgErwin and Monica-366.jpgErwin and Monica-372.jpg


Preparations: Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg | Ceremony: Blessed John Paul II Parish | Reception: Blueleaf Events Pavillion | Catering and Event Styling: Mesclun | HMUA: Angie Cruz and Ogie Rayel | Bridal and Entourage Gowns: Mila De Leon Santiago | Groom and Entourage Suit: Galang Tailoring | Videographer: Green Tomato Production | Cake: Nikki Wilkerson (Unichef) | Musicians: Music Qlass | Flowers and Event Styling: Amor Florists | Coordination: Ai Acosta

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