Cherish and Ajay

A-jay and Cherish’s wedding was a site to behold! Not only was it full of colors and all things pretty, you can just feel the love that they have for each other, as well as the love that they give to friends and most especially to their family!

Their wedding was a celebration of God’s great promise for all of us. Met with unfortunate circumstances, A-jay and Cherish’s dedication for one another made them go through one hell of a storm. And seeing their wedding had me saying that our God is a good God, and that he will keep his promises as long as we hold on to him. =)

Glad that I got to work with some of the best in the industry for this wedding. Enjoy the photos! =)


MDF_5529 MDF_5968.jpg MDF_5405.jpg MDF_5349.jpg MDF_5472.jpg MDF_5498.jpg MDF_5501.jpg MDF_5592.jpg MDF_5351.jpg MDF_5392.jpg MDF_5518.jpg AD8_4949.jpg AD8_5043.jpg MDF_5466.jpg MDF_5490.jpgAD8_4689.jpg MDF_5493.jpg MDF_5432.jpg MDF_5437.jpg MDF_5412.jpgAD8_4753MDF_5413 MDF_5563.jpg MDF_5433.jpg MDF_5684.jpg MDF_5580.jpg MD6_6235.jpg MDF_5720.jpg AD8_5034.jpg AD8_5285.jpg AD8_5109.jpg MDF_5694.jpg MDF_5745.jpg MDF_5715.jpg MDF_5399.jpg MDF_5382.jpg MDF_5786.jpg AD8_5313.jpg AD8_5189.jpg AD8_5149.jpg MDF_5836.jpg MDF_6441.jpg MDF_5852.jpg MDF_5873.jpg MDF_5768.jpg MDF_5882.jpg AD8_5456.jpg AD8_6087.jpg MDF_6017.jpg MDF_6022.jpg MDF_6039.jpg MDF_6031.jpg AD8_5558.jpg MDF_6054.jpg MDF_6117.jpg AD8_5598.jpg MD6_6705.jpg MDF_6161.jpg AD8_5565.jpg AD8_5694.jpg MDF_6391.jpg AD8_5855.jpg AD8_5793.jpg MDF_6360.jpg AD8_5968.jpg MDF_6397.jpg AD8_6007.jpg AD8_6034.jpg MDF_6447.jpg MDF_5989.jpg MDF_5894.jpg MDF_5909.jpg MDF_5993.jpgMD6_7163 MDF_6532.jpg AD8_6243.jpg AD8_6318.jpg AD8_6553.jpg AD8_6247.jpg AD8_6262.jpg MD6_7371.jpg MDF_6685.jpg MDF_6526.jpg MD6_7194.jpg MD6_7181.jpg MDF_6572.jpg MDF_6670.jpg AD8_6206.jpg AD8_5396.jpg MD6_6500.jpg MDF_5934.jpg MDF_5929.jpg MDF_6495.jpg MDF_6475.jpg MDF_6509.jpg


Videographer: Notion in Motion | Coordination: Imbitado Events | Ceremony: Christ the King Parish Church in the Sky | Preparations: Thunderbird Resort Rizal | Reception: Estelita’s Glass Dome Event Center | Event Stylist and Florist: Events by Dave Sandoval | Bridal Gown: Veluz | Bridal Robe: La Tercera | HMUA: Ivan Diaz Intalan | Wedding Rings: Karat Gold | Caterer: Hizon’s Catering | Wedding Cake: Cakewalk Bakeshoppe | Hosts: Madz Alcoy and Ayie Contreras-Tuates | Musicians: Madz and Dzhei | Lights and Sounds: Rejectkrew | Souvenirs and Luggage Tag: Bree Style | Invitation and Calligraphy: Cursives in Ink | Wedding Candles and Signages: Cheri Handicrafts

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