Things got swaggie with Sary around! Met her during her aunt’s birthday bash. Right then and there, I knew that she just loves taking photos!

This portrait session was actually a pre-debut shoot without the debut! Refreshing, all smiles, and an attitude screaming swag, Sary definitely rocked The Collective. =)

Enjoy the photos everyone!

Hair and Make-up by Chesca Alonte. =)


Sary-1Sary-16 Sary-12 Sary-9 Sary-20 Sary-23 Sary-25 Sary-14 copy Sary-8 Sary-22 Sary-26 Sary-30 Sary-40 Sary-37 Sary-32 copy Sary-41 Sary-43 copySary-100Sary-47 Sary-49 Sary-55 Sary-58 Sary-61 Sary-50 copy Sary-67 Sary-68 Sary-62 Sary-70 copy Sary-75 Sary-60 copy


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