Monsters usually strike fear into the hearts of kids (and even adults). But how can you be scared when monsters are these cute? =)


Alexis’ party gives a whole new meaning to monsters! Enjoy the fun burst of colors and cuteness!


Alexis 1st-7 Alexis 1st-34 Alexis 1st-43 Alexis 1st-35 Alexis 1st-25 Alexis 1st-8 Alexis 1st-75 Alexis 1st-76 Alexis 1st-24 Alexis 1st-3 Alexis 1st-6 Alexis 1st-1 Alexis 1st-32 Alexis 1st-11 Alexis 1st-15 Alexis 1st-93 Alexis 1st-80 Alexis 1st-85 Alexis 1st-91 Alexis 1st-37 Alexis 1st-18 Alexis 1st-46 Alexis 1st-57 Alexis 1st-67 Alexis 1st-59 Alexis 1st-14 Alexis 1st-108 Alexis 1st-122 Alexis 1st-41 Alexis 1st-73 Alexis 1st-69 Alexis 1st-124 Alexis 1st-56 Alexis 1st-5 Alexis 1st-136 Alexis 1st-160 Alexis 1st-53 Alexis 1st-20 Alexis 1st-139 Alexis 1st-130 Alexis 1st-146 Alexis 1st-152 Alexis 1st-99


Caterer: Bistro 109 | Dessert Buffet: Kitchen’s Best | Host: Dale Rubio | Event Stylist: Sweet Street Manila | Play area: My Playmates Indoor Playground | Souvenir: Party Army by Bianca Cordova

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