Calix celebrated his 1st birthday in one of the most beautiful themes I’ve ever shot. =)

We all know that the advent of computers and the internet has changed our lives. Kids nowadays would probably be swiping away on their iPads, dancing to Dance Central on Kinect, or probably playing the latest console game on the PS3.

I was excited when I learned that Calix’s birthday would have a Pinoy Fiesta as setting. Nostalgia kicked in when I entered the venue and the whole place was just literally like a fiesta. =)

It was such a fun time for the kids (and the kids at heart) as they were treated to goodies (think Richie, Jellyace, Sweet Corn, Sipa, Jackstone, Pick-up Sticks) and experiences (Sari-sari store set-up, Pabitin, Palayok) that were truly enjoyed during Pinoy fiestas and celebrations.

Mommy Celine and Daddy John were just so pleased that everyone had a great time!

To Calix, may you have more blessings and birthdays to come!


Venue: Valle Verde 1 Clubhouse

Styling and Catering: k. by Cunanan

Party host: Apollo Abraham

Entertainment: Mang Rico the Magician


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