Andi at 11 months

The first outdoor shoot of our baby girl, Andi. How time flies. =)

Andi 11th-17 Andi 11th-22 Andi 11th-24 Andi 11th-26 Andi 11th-27 Andi 11th-29 Andi 11th-33 Andi 11th-35 Andi 11th-38 Andi 11th-40 Andi 11th-41 Andi 11th-44 Andi 11th-56 Andi 11th-67 Andi 11th-68 Andi 11th-69 Andi 11th-70 Andi 11th-71 Andi 11th-73 Andi 11th-79 Andi 11th-80 Andi 11th-81 Andi 11th-82 Andi 11th-84 Andi 11th-86 Andi 11th-91 Andi 11th-93 Andi 11th-95 Andi 11th-98 Andi 11th-100 Andi 11th-83 Andi 11th-99

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